Krytox™ GPL 225


Krytox™ GPL 225

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Krytox GPL 225 has an Oil Viscosity of 160 cSt at 40°C.

Estimated useful temperature range is -36°C to 204°C.

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The Krytox GPL 225 grease contains an anti-corrosion/anti-wear inhibitor and is ideal for corrosive environments where there is no danger of the sodium nitrite additive reacting with chemicals or causing contamination problems. Typical applications are automotive bearings, sealed pump bearings, electric motor bearings, and general purpose bearings. Krytox oils and greases are silicone free. They do not contain any VOC materials or chlorine and are not hazardous to the atmosphere or ozone layer. They are biologically and environmentally inert.

The fully fluorinated Krytox GPL 225 high-temperature stability provides bottom-line savings from improved reliability and a reduction in grease usage and manpower through extended relubrication intervals. Excellent film strength reduces wear to reduce maintenance costs. Under high loads the viscosity increases to provide support and absorb the pressure.

New components often have organic rust preventive oils or greases on them to prevent damage while they are in storage before use. New bearings should be inspected for damage and cleanliness before use. The components must be completely cleaned of greases or preservative oils when using Krytox as a lubricant. Failure to do so could result in reduced bearing life. Bearing life tests on un-cleaned bearings have shown reduced life in high temperature, high speed tests where the bearing was filled with a minimum amount of grease. The preservatives coat the metal surface to prevent rusting so they can also prevent the grease from adhering, causing them to be thrown off by the action of the bearing. They could also oxidize and harden and can create debris which will contaminate the grease.

Krytox lubricants provide longer lasting lubrication that reduces frequency of re-lubrication, not only reducing operating costs, but also reducing waste and potential impact on the environment. Krytox lubricants are undamaged by, and non-reactive with, acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam, moisture or high temperatures. The original properties of the fluids can be restored through regeneration; thus, reducing or minimizing disposal and incineration. Chemours has a regeneration program that reclaims PFPE fluid. This lowers the overall cost of the fluids, and reduces or minimizes safety and environmental disposal problems.

Specifications Met

  • ASTM D2595

  • ASTM D6184

  • NSF H-1 Rated

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