Company Profile


MorOil Technologies, based in Concord, NC, blends petroleum and synthetic industrial lubricants, providing production and maintenance products to various manufacturing concerns. Privately owned, the company was founded in 1949 in Burlington, NC, as Moore Oil Company.  It was then a jobber affiliated with major oil companies, selling and distributing gasoline and other fuels. Robert C. Moore was the company's founder.

Reorganized in 1976 and relocated to Charlotte, NC, MorOil Technologies focused its business on formulating and blending petroleum and synthetic-based industrial lubricants. In 1995 the production and management relocated to a newly designed and built manufacturing facility in Concord, NC. The company specialized in the greater textile industry, from yarn to finished apparel, carpet, housewares, industrial and technical fabrics and tires. A large portion of the sales team concentrated on supplying custom lubricants to manufacturers through the entire textile process.

Over time, expertise was gained in metalworking, building products, food processing and other industries. Products are distributed primarily in the southeastern United States, with a customer base expanding to include Africa, the Middle East and throughout the Americas.