Metalworking Fluids

Neat Oil

  • Several SeriesMorCut 100, 200, 300, 600 and MorGrind 500 product lines. Please fill out the metalworking questionnaire on our website so that we can identify the best product from our varied selection. The 100 Series is generally for less severe operations on metals with fairly high machinability ratings. The 200 Series is older style products with dark color and strong sulfur odor. The 300 Series is newer technology; light in color and lower odor - generally better accepted by operators. The 600 series products are designed specifically for aluminum.

Water Soluble Products

Emusifiable Oils

Readily emulsifies with water to provide additional cooling for higher speed operations. We have two general purpose products; one with biocide, one without. We have one medium duty and one heavy duty product as well.


Completely water soluble, these products contain no petroleum oil. We have a variety of products; some are designed with the job shop in mind to perform well in a variety of operations and metals, others are designed for specific operations. Please submit a completed metalworking survey.


These products contain up to 40% petroleum oil. They generally provide greater lubricating properties than pure chemical coolants and greater cooling than emulsifiable oils.

EDM Fluids

  • EDM 3 – Petroleum-based EDM fluid, provides good insulating and flushing properties
  • Synsulate – Synthetic version of the EDM fluids. Provides extended useful life and lower rates of oxidation
  • Silsulate – Silicone-based EDM fluids.

Rust Preventives

  • MorCote 500 Series – These are water extendable rust and corrosion preventives. MorCote 900 Series – These are solvent and/or oil-based products.
  • MorCote 900 Series – These are solvent and/or oil-based products.

Quenching Fluids

  • MorQuench – This is a line of petroleum-based products blended to meet specific quench times